Walked in Forest



This is Home

Rose CoveVictoria!

Grew up here, right on the muddy banks.

Never gonna leave

these alone

You know it?Let me show youdown hererightleftup over herePoemherethere.Next timewe will gohere Dears ;D.

Next time we will hit the road together.


28 thoughts on “Walked in Forest

  1. Well…I had a response all typed (hyped) out. Then I went Google shopping for spelling and lost it.
    Anyhow, if you get this twice, that is the reason.
    What I was saying…I was not fishing for a visit. I love your stuff. Then I said something reely cool: I said “Be afraid; be very Afraid,
    Quoting Jeff Goldblum and the hot chick in the the modern version of “The Fly.” Not so modern now…
    Shut up!
    Cheers my Good Friend.

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