This is the end of the line, of a 365 project By Vassilis D. Gonis

Vassilis D. Gonis

This is the end of the line.

This is for  :  Finished about a month ago the 365 journey, with great success!

With this post I am, too,  coming full circle, time wise. At least one post each day for the last 365 days.

I opted for 400 in order to cover for some emergencies. So,  tomorrow I will make a few more posts to reach a  good round 400.   😉    But the fact is that for the last 365 days I had posted at least one post each day, with the minimum of a photo, either new, recent or from the archives. I have been photographing  all of the days, (might have missed only a couple, sorry)  but didn’t have time to choose and prepare from the new ones. Maybe in time some of these photos will surface.


Promised made, promised fulfilled, promised kept, end of promise.

I have to admit that it has…

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Fat Man

Fat Man

Fat Boy

Wanted to share this with you for my Grandfather.

William A. Franklin. My Mother~ his daughter, Rosalind Plumtree, helped him put things into words.

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Fat Boy

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