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View from above looking over Lake Huron, Canada

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Huron Lake Shore

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Eleven to London

May 22nd ~ June 1st

 Very excited to share with you Ontario News

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May 24th Oboist Ian Franklin plays final performance with Orchestra London Canada. Lia in Brussels ” Breathtaking! And how fittingly Ian named his ensemble the Aeolian Winds… Must have been quite emotional to attend his last performance with the Orchestra! Love, L.” Yes, being with him was très belle *L* . Tu as raison here was Fantastic! Merci Lovely

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Flower covered grasslands surround Columbia Lake British Columbia

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 Flora Burst


Fauna Range

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the fight is onMore to comeDoveIn Loving Memory of  Farley Mowat

Moving forwards along Longview Alberta . . .

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Mount Teepee Ridge

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Wildhorse rushes . . rumbling and rippling along the way. Kootenay River Valley, located in Eastern British Columbia.

The Wildhorse River flows fast beneath Mount Fisher.

Wildhorse, British Columbia


Tanné See North

SparkleSteeples Mountains at Horseshoe LakeNorbury LakePlease touch, anyone