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Elizabeth Amy WhiteElizabeth Amy White


According to Mil, her Grandmother, Alice Susan Harris married below herself . . James Stephens. He was a laborer by trade. As the Harris family was wealthy, Alice was disinherited but not disowned. Alice had a daughter . . Elizabeth Amy. She married William White. After having 3 children, they decided to immigrate to Canada; settling in Waldo, British Columbia. Then she had Mil . . .                                      Media  .  .  .                                              

100_5360-(2)Mildred Joyce (nee’ White) McCormack   was born December 16th, 1929 in Waldo,  BC

and currently resides in Cranbrook,  BC

When Mil was a child, her Great Uncle William would send her Tinsel at Christmas time.

“Silver Tinsel” was created by William Henry Harris

You may ask yourself, even wonder . . . who knows?

William was the “Great Uncle” of my friend.

Mil has asked me to share his story.

Amongst the many newspaper articles that Mil has collected, William Henry Harris Shines.

Here are some stories about this happy man, taken from the long list.

It  is written

In One Newspaper

February  23rd,  1939


Mr.  W.  H.  Harris,  of Algernon-road,

Lewisham,  S.E.,  102  to-day,  is

going to have a party this afternoon.

” A regular  ‘ kick-up ‘  and  sing-song,”

he said.

” Folks don’t sing nowadays.  When I

was a  young  man  everybody used to

sing—at home,  in the street,  anywhere.”

Grandpa Harris was the inventor of

silver tinsel.  He made it from waste on

the floors of Lewisham silk works, when

he was chief engineer there, 60 years


Another newspaper wrote

London’s Oldest Man

1837 – 1939  April


Mr.  Harris  was  a  versatile  figure.

Once  upon  a  time  he  was  a  very

enthusiastic cyclist,  and it is interesting

to note that his birthday cake two years

ago,  bore one hundred candles and a

tricycle  made of  ice.  Most interesting

of all is the fact that he was the  in-

ventor of what is now almost a  house-

hold necessity,  tinsel decorations.  When

he was employed at the Lewisham Silk

Mills as chief engineer,  he noticed a lot

of silk waste lying about.  It was his

experiments with this that resulted in


In His Story

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