Oui … Je veux que vous voyez ça


101_0564-(2)100_3828-(4)Near Sasquatch~ Provincial Park



Please Touch!



Please touch anyone

. . .

Back here with you, then



10 thoughts on “Sail

  1. ;D so funny. I do understand how they feel. Sailing can be scary and very dangerous. I would love to set something up with you for next summer. Nothing planned as of yet and really want to go again. Sounds like you are very busy being creative~ sailing would be a bit of a break. We should get together. I’ll be here~ I will let you know in the spring what’s going on for next summer. Cool 😉 Thanks Jilanne

      • Let me know when you’re sailing for sure!! My husband and son went out on the bay the other day. It was blustery, and our son was a little nervous. It didn’t help that he had a friend with him who’d gone to sailing school and hated when they had to capsize the boats. So every time they heeled, he thought they were going to end up in the water. I suppose it also didn’t help that we capsized our daysailer with our son on board in Muscungus Bay this past August. 😮

        I’ve been trying to get more writing done. It interferes with my blog reading time, so I don’t get to stop by all the blogs I follow as often as I’d like.

        Good to hear from you, too!

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