Golden Hearts


Moment to remember . . the ones who touch our hearts.

Thank you all for being so lovely and please stay safe this New Years Eve.

Best wishes for a Very Happy New Year in 2014 !  Love to you all 

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° ° °2010° ° °2020° ° °2120° ° °


Good morning! Καλημέρα! Kalimera! My day in life is 13.805!


8:35 am my time in life … now

Vassilis D. Gonis

Good morning! Καλημέρα!

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Now you know how to say good morning in Greek. But it is not such a good idea saying it to Greeks. They might think you mock them! Another new day has dawned, some days past Christmas and still a couple from the day we all hope that magically will change our lives, simply because it signals the beginning of a new year. I will drink to that. Hope and pray. And sometimes, maybe, stand up for your rights.

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Tinsel Vision

Tinsel Vision


Mrs and Mr White were Mildred’s Mom and Dad.

I didn’t really know these people; never met them.

Yet, they are so familiar to me now, because of my friend Mil.

The piece of this picture that is missing. She connected us.

You may read about the true history of Tinsel here, by touching these photographs.