The sun filtering downward, rays streaming through the trees.

While slowly walking southward, could feel the soft cool breeze.

Poem By Randal Vincent Berke


Thick white snow covers the front juniper trees.


Always thinking about the ones who made these.


This blanket was made by my Grandmother ~ Rose Kobley

Before starting she asked me what colours I liked.

I said any colours you choose.


3 thoughts on “Blanket

  1. So beautiful both warm and cold! But in them you can also see the circles of life (unfortunately somehow breaking down in our society lately) of the seasons and of love from the new generation to the past ones. My grandma left us similar things, after all these things were the valuable ones in those times (and they get pretty useful in ours as well). So valuable that they were the wedding gifts to the new couple, from the brides family.

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