Mystifying Rocky Mountains

It was a marvelous day for a drive.  Here is a round trip timeline to Banff; started from Cranbrook the morning of Oct 28th. Drove towards Wasa and then on to Radium.  Passed through Kootenay National Park arriving in Banff. Head towards Golden on the route back.

Every sun filled moment was a true blessing. This did extend the drive by two hours more.

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Moon Lit MornNo Sound HeardDaybreak at LakeHorse in AroundMisty Morning MountainRoad Side ShotYellow Ford TruckMore up HillTime Stood StillMystifying Rocky MountainFound Favorite TreeDrove Through TunnelsLast Look BackFull Steam AheadLovelyOne For BobJust Past GoldenWasa, British Columbia

Spirit Lake ~Idaho

Spirit Lake ~Idaho

Spirit Lake ~Idaho

Enjoyed a road trip to Spirit Lake today. Went for a walk on the south side ~under the bridge. Love the brilliant wild fall colors of Idaho.

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