Maurice Sendak On His Greatest Compliment

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE was my first favorite  ~ at age 3

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As you probably know, Maurice Sendak passed away a few weeks ago.

His book, Where The Wild Things Are, is one of the most successful “children’s stories” in literature. It’s a beautifully written story with incredible artwork.

This quote from Sendak has been making the rounds on Twitter, so I thought I’d share it with you. In an interview on NPR, Sendak was asked about some of the favorite comments he had received from readers.

His response:

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4 thoughts on “Maurice Sendak On His Greatest Compliment

  1. My Mom took us to the Public Library. It was 1971. This book was already about 9 years old. Remember being very interested in this book instantly; at first sight! That was when I decided to start drawing.

    • Never read it, haven’t seen the recent movie either. But the punchline, “saw it, loved it. ate it” has such a surreal feel in it, (you can also find traces of psycho-something as well) that I was laughing when I read it. And I was alone, so it was a genuine laugh-not to draw attention for something clever!

      • Wish I heard you. One day.
        This is a memory so fond I still remember things vividly. The Library was in a very old building ~ stone. Downtown Victoria. The windows were huge and so was everything. Including his monsters. This book made that place become more alive. Where I fell in love with books … 🙂

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