View from Town

View Horseshoe Lake

The Steeples are about the highest mountains around. Here that is.

I love to drive there and walk around. It takes 20 minutes or so from Cranbrook.

To get there.

Best time to go is . . anytime ;D

TundraSteeplesMoved in closeThere


14 thoughts on “Tundra

      • You’re welcome, and thank you Cate! I am biased about my own poetry, as most poets who consider themselves poets believe their own writing is beautiful enough to merit their taking on the title of “poet”, though I try to not have an overblown ego about it… I used to be so arrogant about my own writing, and spent no time reading anyone else’s poetry, but with time (years, sadly), my inflated self-importance has slowly been eroding (I thank God for that, literally… my pride was so repugnant, and it still rears it’s head often enough that I have to make efforts to continually pursue real humility… it’s so easy to have false humility, and be totally blind to it, and I hope that my saying so much about humility right now, isn’t secretly me being self-deceived and egocentric… totally a possibility though…). That sad, I really appreciate you complimenting my words as beautiful, not everyone who reads my poetry takes the time to share their opinion of them, though I do seriously appreciate the support shown when people click like on my posts. I appreciate most of all though, support shown when someone decides to say something about my poetry in actual words, as I know that it may be a temptation for the occasional blogger to click like on someone’s post without reading it, in hopes the person being patronized will be what they believe is being reciporcal, and repay the assumed kindness by then reading that person’s blogs in the future. Back in 2005-2006 when I used to blog in a blogging community, I used to subscribe to tons of people’s blogs without reading them, in hopes they would subscribe and read my posts, so as I used to be a patronizing blogger, the reality that other people might do that as well, is something I am aware of.

        Thank you for speaking up though Cate, and I truly did enjoy your photos, I love snow and the beauty of nature, and would love to visit mountains like in your pictures someday. The pictures reminded me of cool visuals in a music video I like, but didn’t share, as the lyrics are negative, and I thought they might ruin the mood of your post for other readers of your post who also admired the beauty of your photos and felt happy like I did because of them 🙂

        • You made me cry. Not now though. When I was reading the one about the ship. It grabbed me. If you Blog one that is all alone. Then I will reblog your poem. I feel that the other things get in the way. You know, of the mood. You have a real gift. Let it shine Ry

    • Took many on this day. The air was very cool. Had gloves on. Hey, that reminds me. I have a funny photo to show of that. Will do ;D Thanks for popping over Lia. See you soon ;D

    • It is cold here now. It has been a warm winter so far. Think we are above average temperature. Only Zero today. This time of year it can be -40C. And that is Fffffreezing cold! Thanks ~ have a lovely day, great to hear from you

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