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View from Town

View Horseshoe Lake

The Steeples are about the highest mountains around. Here that is.

I love to drive there and walk around. It takes 20 minutes or so from Cranbrook.

To get there.

Best time to go is . . anytime ;D

TundraSteeplesMoved in closeThere


12 thoughts on “Tundra

    • You made me cry. Not now though. When I was reading the one about the ship. It grabbed me. If you Blog one that is all alone. Then I will reblog your poem. I feel that the other things get in the way. You know, of the mood. You have a real gift. Let it shine Ry

    • Took many on this day. The air was very cool. Had gloves on. Hey, that reminds me. I have a funny photo to show of that. Will do ;D Thanks for popping over Lia. See you soon ;D

    • It is cold here now. It has been a warm winter so far. Think we are above average temperature. Only Zero today. This time of year it can be -40C. And that is Fffffreezing cold! Thanks ~ have a lovely day, great to hear from you

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