A whole year of this….REALLY???

Drinking In The Culture journey with Kenneth Justice

Culture Monk

By Kenneth Justice

~ “So Kenneth, what are you going to do with your blog for 2014?” my friend asked. It was a week before Christmas and The two of us were sitting in a packed café watching the many people rushing to-and-fro in the midst of their holiday present shopping.

—) A teenage couple standing in line were arguing about how much more shopping they really needed to still accomplish

—) Another couple with their two little children looked exhausted from toting the young ones around all day

—) The barista’s behind the counter looked worn out; the line of customers seemed never-ending and stretched as far as the exit door

I wonder if people sitting at coffee shops around the world are seeing the same kinds of things we are seeing right now?” I said aloud

In that moment I realized what I wanted…

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