Written by Randal Vincent Berke

The skier on the mountain slope, criss-crossing on his way,

The speed of the skier was passed, by a strange looking sleigh.

Winding round the trail ahead, with eyes on nearby trees,

The speedster leaned with accuracy, avoiding obstacles with ease.


With blinding speed he took the curve, racing merrily down he came,

With rosy cheeks and trailing scarf, he now entered a crossing lane.

Now veering slightly to the left, he astounded nearby crowds,

One hundred yards of emptiness, the cliff edge and floating clouds.

A gasp was heard as over he went, the boy on sleigh out of sight,

The sleigh you see was something else, it was  r e a l l y  a fold out kite.


10 thoughts on “limber

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  2. And I thought we were cold in San Francisco! 😀 I met a woman at a restaurant tonight who had lived in Siberia for five years. Minus 60 to minus 70 degrees F. Now that’s cold! She said the tip of her nose froze once, and now when it gets cold it tingles.

    • Chilling thought~ freezing … did that once myself Jilanne. Appropriate snow gear ~important this time of year. Froze my feet on a snowmobile day trip. Painful thawing process. Very thankful that I didn’t lose any toes. Wishing you Jilanne and your family health and happiness into the new year~ take care dear

      • Thank you! And best wishes to you and yours!

        Oh, and the worst I’ve had is frostbite back when Iived near Chicago. Minus 20 with a windchill of minus 60. A few toes turning white and then the burning pain of thawing. They were never quite the same again. When it was that cold, we always wore scarves over our faces or those awful old-fashioned ski masks, so I’ve never been at risk of losing my nose. 😀

  3. This is great! There is a story here that needs telling. Will be sharing more about it this month. My friend Mil will be so very happy. Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful of others. I love what you are doing on your blog too. Thanks again and take care

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