R o c k i e s

100_4444-(2)Now that these thrilling ghost story connections loom,

read rumours about doors and the missing room?

874 ~ 872Please pick between these doors for closer view . . .

Wel come in!


or you may pick any one heeere too!


Here last  time you picked on here too

Please touch anyone to continue …


100_0498-(5)100_5249-(2)100_5256-(2)100_5246-(2)100_5257-(2)100_5219-(2)100_5221-(2)100_3606-(5)100_5225-(2)100_5229-(2)100_2749-(2)100_5236-(2)100_3778-(4)100_5228-(2)100_0498-(3)100_4913-(3)100_5222-(2)100_4893-(5)100_5251-(2)100_5253-(2)100_5260-(2)100_0497-(3)Touch anyone here to get a bit closer ;D100_4905-(2)


This time here … really ;D100_4842-(3)100_4842-(2)100_4843-(2)100_4824-(3)100_4826-(2)100_4844-(2)100_4863-(2)


140_100_8140-(2)100_5298-(2)Calgary Tower Trip08 067 (2)


Made it here . . . 




A few shots from last trip.

Have a wonderful week-end Friends

hope to share more really soo000n XoopsXXXX ;D











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