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76 thoughts on “2010 @Artourway.com . . . Artourway Designs Limited; 2011~22 . . .

  1. “Right on” indeed! (Referring to the video below) (Though “Right on” is somewhat 70’s carbon-dated! 🙂
    Hope all is well.

  2. What a fabulous blog and such an interesting background. All as a result of coming here thanks to your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Would love a guest post from you if that ‘rocks your boat’!

  3. Hi & thanks for following my blog. I feel a lot in common with you, from reading you “about” page. I have family throughout the Delta, dear friends in Vancouver, spent 2 weeks in June 2013 with my partner just north of Victoria (house-swap with friends), and lived a decade in Calgary. So I know the region, and totally understand why you love it so. Plus, like you, I try to be a “tourist in my own town.” It’s a way to have fresh eyes & energy, wherever I am.

  4. Thank you for following my blog. And I am delighted to have discovered yours. Absolutely LOVED the William Henry Harris post. And your visuals are stunning. Look forward to reading more. Charlotte

  5. I love that photographers can see what the rest of pass right on by.
    [I notice Ajaytao’s gravatar here, who is using his site? I was told he passed away.]

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