Mrs Plumtree PieFresh Fruit Butter Pastry

Mrs Plumtree

Mrs Plumtree AKA Rosalind, Grandma, and my Mom.
She made this pie for us last time we got together.
Love you Mom.


T i m e

Baby Bunny

Time for new born.
Our friends Franco and Giulia raise “Flemish Giants”.
Soon they will be planting their vegetable garden.

100_3054-(2)Bengalese Finches are the domesticated White Baked Munia.

Chinese subspecies that evolved several hundred years ago.

Japan import also known as L. Striata Swinhoei.

These three are the newest arrivals to town. Franco and his lovely wife Giulia breed birds.

This has been one of their many hobbies. When they are not busy tending the gardens,

they look after Bobwhite Quail and Turtle Doves.